about us

We are a cooperatively-managed group that works together to recycle food and yard waste. Our focus is to make the highest-quality end product possible for urban food growing. 

Our Mission: is to collect and compost organic materials creating high-quality soil amendments that will improve soil for urban farming in Pittsburgh.

Our vision: is a city-wide compost system which works together with the operation of urban farms. 

Steel City Soils LLC was formed in 2009 as a worker-owned company.  Since then, we have been developing methods for comprehensive soil testing and urban-farm composting.  In late 2014, we purchased our location in Braddock, PA. 


Why Compost?

We believe that urban farming has the potential to alleviate many environmental issues.  Local urban food production is integral to the design of resilient and sustainable cities.  Compost and other organic materials are the most important first step in improving soils for organic farming. 

Composting is an art as well as a science.  It takes skill, experience and some special equipment.  Most urban farms do not have the resources or labor to operate large compost systems.  That's where we come in. 

What We Do:

We create and sell compost and soil amendments online and at farmers' markets around Pittsburgh.  We offer soil testing and soil improvement programs for urban farms. We work with larger urban farms to develop on-farm systems.  Smaller urban farms can donate work hours in exchange for compost.

Our compost is made from organic food waste and wood chips. It is treated by thermophyllic (above 131 deg. F) composting. It is cured for 2-4 months then sifted through 1/2" screen. Steel City Soils is dedicated to producing the highest quality compost for urban farms and gardeners to help build the best soil for growing.