You work, you get dirt


Internship Hours of Operation

9am-11pm Wednesdays

9am-11pm Fridays

9am-11pm Sundays 

Every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, we host work-days at 920 Braddock Avenue.

We trade one on-farm compost work hour for one 5-gallon bucket of fresh, sifted compost.

The Basics:

  • We trade work hours for compost
  • One hour of work = One 5-gallon bucket of compost
  • All interns must sign a Volunteer Liability Release
  • All interns must complete safety training.
  • Dress appropriately - wear boots and long pants, dress for the weather
  • Know your limits

Volunteer Farm Jobs:

  • Pitchforking compost
  • Moving totes
  • Site cleanup
  • Sifting compost
  • General farm labor


Internship Information:

Meet us at 920 Braddock Ave in Braddock on Wednesdays, Fridays, or Sundays at 9am.  .

We're outside, so dress for the weather and wear boots and clothes you don't mind getting dirty. We have some gloves and pitchforks, but feel free to bring your own if you've got them. There is plenty to do all year, and we're always glad to have new folks join us. Every work day we add to piles and turn compost and sift compost, and when possible we are working to improve the site. Members often learn from each other and share ideas during these work days. 

Those who come to work with us may take one bucket of finished compost per hour of work.  Bring a bucket or box along, or keep track of your hours and take a few at once.  Track your hours and buckets in our logbook.